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My System Specs


Case: there are a few members here that swear only by the CM690. It's a very good case, well laid-out and cheap. Dusk? You mean Dust. The necessity of dust filters depends on the environment where the computer is located. I never used a dust filter before; but I do clean my rigs monthly.

Board: no oc'ing, no RAID, no Firewire? Then go for the board that I already mentionned: the Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3L - you won't be disappointed.

Ram: Dollar value might just be the case; though your selection is just fine, being 2x 2Gb sticks.

HDD: both the WD and the Seagate are good, reliable performers. Choose the one that has the cheapest price.

HSF: Heatsink Fan. Yes, it's for the CPU. Now, if you don't oc, you could choose the Arctic Cooling AC7 Pro; the Xigmatek HDT-S1283 is a solid performer too, for a great price.

Don't worry about the other members, others will chime in and reply with their own opinions. Usually the end result meets / exceeds the OP requirements, usually for an even lower budget...
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