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Originally Posted by Caldezar View Post
GBA asked the right question... what is it being used for? 'Development' is very vague. In most software development situations, I would be dropping the GPU down to something like a 7850, and taking the extra money, combined with the savings on the GPU, and buy 2 or 3 large monitors. I know that if I was working in development, I'd be way happier with more screen real estate rather than a gaming GPU I was never going to use.

Also, yes, a decent cooler that allows a reasonable OC isn't a bad idea.

*EDIT* - I'd tend to disagree with RAID 0 SSD's on a workstation as reliability is way to important in a work environment.
It's for game development. There already are 2 large monitor without the desk space for a 3rd one. We have about $300-$400 to upgrade the new machine. The idea is to have it as future proof as possible and iron out any performance bottlenecks.
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