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What in the hell? I put a big post up here last night. Wonder where it went? Anyways...

What a MASSIVE IMPROVEMENT in smoothness. An absolute must for gaming. Not quite CRT smooth but if I set this monitor (ASUS V278HE) back to 60hz I can't even watch it. I can't believe we ever used 60hz lcd's for any sort of motion watching. Should have never fell for the Oooooo! flat screen hype until they put out something worth using.

My opinion is subjective but I think most of the smoothness is coming from the jump to 120hz. Lightboost adds some, noticeably smoother with it but the biggest improvement is the jump to 120hz/120fps.

Played Tomb Raider, Far Cry 3, Crysis 3, Bioshock Infinite and Skyrim at 60hz, 120hz and 120hz with Lightboost to test this.

For some reason Crysis 3 still seems jerky no matter what the setting. I think this is due to another POS device we have been tricked into using. Optical mice. Just try and move one smoothly without seeing little micro increments. I've got a G9 too. Give me an analog ball mouse and a CRT back please.

Side by side there is no questioning that my Dell U2711 is way sharper and has more accurate color/gradient, but for gaming there is no question. I even prefer the vibrancy that the ASUS adds.

Also, 3D vision is way nicer on this than my 120hz DLP projector. More depth and clarity and less halo effect.

Edit: I never did try this with the lightboost strobe cranked way down. I just reread the OP's article and this is supposed to give the best smoothness. I've got blackout curtains in my game room and I'll try this when I get home.

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