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Thank you for your quick reply Charlie and thanks for the warm welcome!

Case: I kinda like the look of the CM690 and it seems to have enough fans in it lol (3x 120mm). Also, I read some good reviews. However, I heard someone about a case with dusk filter. Is a dusk filter good to have? And if I take a case without a dusk filter, how many times should I clean the PC from the inside?

Board: I don't think I will overclock my PC since I wouldn't even know how to haha. RAID setup is something with the hard disks right? I don't think I will ever use FireWire. It's just an alternative for USB isn't it? For what can I use FireWire and why can it be handy to have it?
A cheaper board could be nice but I don't want to be a cheap-ass and take a cheaper board while it's not such a good one.

RAM: All the 4GB modules are priced like that. Perhaps it's because the dollar has dropped so immense?

HDD: Is that drive better than the one I have selected at this moment? It's only 4 more expensive and 500GB (they don't have a 320GB disk). Windows Vista 64bits will be ran on it so it better be good!

HSF: What would you recommend for the HSF? I can choose between 100 HSF's lol. Btw, where stands HSF for? Since you said that it is to keep the Quad cool, I thought you meant a CPU. Perhaps I am mistaking hehe.

Thanks for your help mate! Appreciate it. If anyone has some tips, don't be shy!

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