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Originally Posted by Babrbarossa View Post
How do you idle at 23?? You must have one cold house- I wouldn't think that it was possible to get lower than 4 or 5 degrees above ambient.
I have idles that low with my new radbox setup (pics coming later). It's due in part to three things: 1) Modern processors idle really cool. 2) modern WC parts are really good 3) motherboard temperature readings are inaccurate.

Consider that a processor running at idle can get down to something like 10W. The thermal resistance of a good radiator with a medium flow fan is somewhere around 0.02C/w, and the swiftech storm's thermal resistance is 0.12C/W.

This leaves you with 10W and 0.14 C/W. which is:
so in a 20C room, a system idling at 23C seems pretty reasonable.
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