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My System Specs


ROF Welcome to my world I bought 3 SSD's and tried to register them with Samsung the first two took me about 6 hours and the second time I phoned for the 3rd drive it took me about 2 hours..

First time I phoned I was instructed to phone Seagate as Samsung does not manufacture Hard drives (note they do make SSDs ) and the girl from Seagate was about as frustrated as I was and even after I requested to speak with a manager I was yelled at in french and told pretty much I was a idiot for trying to register a NON Samsung product with Samsung. I even went as far as Emailing them to inform them of the awful customer service reps and experience I had after buying their product..

I think I mentioned I was going to give the homeless guy down the street my Samsung TV , Phone and SSD's just cuz I was so pissed still got no were and I am glad to see they are still "working on their web site" That is why you can't register your SSD on the site this was last year they told me this..

If I were you I would return it to NCIX and tell them they are not a authorized retailer for Samsung ( this is also what I was told )

they are good drives just stupid you can't register them...
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