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Originally Posted by Dzzope View Post
Does this have to be 120hz or has anyone tried it at 90? (my U2713HM does 90hz no prob)

No way I'm replacing this monitor if it doesn't, so I've not started reading yet, though I have passed this on to some friends that do.
Are you sure the U2713HM does this without skipping frames? I haven't heard this anywhere else, though I haven't looked into it much.

Someone on overclock DOT net has a similar configuration, though so I'm not saying it's impossible.

Having used the Overlord 120hz 27" IPS model, it is night and day in terms of motion blur though. The U2713HM may be afforded a slight advantage as it is overdriven, unlike the Overlord. Even if this is the case, TNs at 120hz are still noticeable not as good as the Lightboost enabled ones IMHO.

As always, it's a double edged sword, and the U2713HM is a much better display outside of this characteristic. Some people will say "I sit in front of my monitor", but it doesn't matter, as TN colorshift exists regardless of how you sit.

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