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I haven't had much time to really dig into this.

I've searched for various things like setting up the device for kids (because it would be most relevant for end user like myself,) permission and managing Android device for enterprise and few suggested programs. I think this is kind of where I am at:

- It seems managing an Android device at enterprise level involves development and much work around the Android code itself OR a very expensive program.
- Most of the 'managing' revolves around app installation. I can appreciate that this is where the most permission and managing is needed and at the same time I wish they had something like this for core functionality of the phone.

I definitely need a clear picture of what I want to restrict before I start searching how to manage and set permission an Android device. I'm going dig deeper tonight and I'll see what I can come up with.

Originally Posted by Perineum View Post
well, teamviewer quicksupport works on samsung phones and tablets.

I use that often with my mothers tablet to help her do things. I'm also interested in your question however.
I didn't know you could use TeamViewer to control the Android device as well. It's definitely an interesting idea when I'm away and would need to teach her features but that's what a brother is for.

Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
Install TWRP, create a base image for the phone.
Go into TWRP and create a image.

Mom screws up phone.. wipe and restore.
Funny you mention TWRP because I used TWRP to root my 'new' Galaxy S2 (Rogers i727R.) It was quite intuitive to use and better interface than CWM. It's a good safe measure but I'm thinking more in the lines of setting permission for Options or certain tasks just beyond the app installation so that she can only do that particular option or task with a password. It would have to be a fine balance between locking the device and letting her use the device with some freedom.

Originally Posted by Dzzope View Post
Don't tell her how to use the store... she wants something you get it. :P

Or just tell her to ask you if she is unsure of an app.
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