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I read a review of my PSU last night. I had no idea it was as terrible as it was. The reviewer could not have rated it any lower.

It is a Visiontek 700W PSU

Money quote of the review:

"At the end of the day, the Visiontek 700W joins a very select club of power supplies that includes the Ultra X2 750W EE, Diablotek PHD650, Apevia ATX-AS500W, and MSI Turbostream 460W. Which is like saying you just joined the elite club of the Plagues of Egypt. As it stands, buying the Visiontek 700W for any serious use makes about as much sense as bringing home a black rat full of fleas in Europe in 1349. You are going to get bit doing so, just hope something doesn’t die in the process."

Needless to say I think I have found the problem.

I purchased a Corsair 650W TX PSU Yesterday which has been well recieved. I think that will solve the problem my computer is having.
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