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Alright, here I am with an update. tl;dr at bottom.

Bought a new mobo, Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H

No fix. After 5-10 minutes of my comp being on, the coil whine started while idle. I get very frustrated. I start to look at the catalyst software suite, I monitor my GPU. Whenever the coil whine starts(which is when my comp is idle, it is SILENT when I am playing games), the activity, and temperature raises on my GPU. The second the whine stops, the activity and temperature drop back down. So I think "It's definitely the video card then".

So as I wait for XFX(whose support sucks btw), I decide to start looking up some other things. I thought to myself "what is one of the things I changed in my CPU shortly before this started happening", then I realized I bought a new SSD and HDD.

After reading reviews on the SSD I bought(it had over 400 reviews and a 4 star rating and it was an OCZ Tech SSD), I saw a lot of people complaining about having problems with it within a couple days to a couple weeks of owning it. I dug deeper, looked up "SSD coil whine" and found some interesting threads where others have stated that they had major coil whine, but ONLY when their SSD was hooked up. I thought this was crazy because the SSD has no moving parts. So, what do I do? I go out and buy another SSD, hook it up, and going on 2 hours now so far without a single coil whine(it always happens in 5-10 minutes on the previous SSD). So I unhook my new one, hook up my old one, BAM, coil whine.

It seems the SSD IS the issue, as crazy as it sounds. Has anyone else heard of this before? I'm guessing something is being transmitted through the PSU from the SSD to cause this coil whine. Must be a defect in the SSD.

Either way, as of right now, the problem has been solved. If anything happens within the next few days, I'll come back and update.

tl;dr SSD seems to be the issue. Bought a new one, no more coil whine.

P.S. Can software cause coil whine? Maybe it's something installed on the old SSD? I could always try reformatting it to see if that would fix anything.
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