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My System Specs


if you do a lot of video editing i am going to recommend you try to find a way to get more ram. i have a similar setup, but with 32 gigs. its still pretty easy to run out of memory in after effects and end up slogging through disk cache on one of my mechanical storage drives (which isnt terrible, but its a lot nicer just being able to work from ram and have near instant previews). i dont do as much video as i used to, so its not really a huge issue, but if i was working on it all day i would have gone with a 64 gb kit without question. i still might if money permits a relatively non-essential upgrade at some point in the future. i also have a ram disk set up which uses anywhere from 6-9 gigs depending on what im doing at the time (i make it smaller when im working in ae, for example). i would consider 32 a minimum for a high end workstation thats focused on ae or similar software.

anyway, good luck with your build :)
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