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So I got a special delivery. My second rad arrived and it was time to bang out the final place for it. As I have said in the past this case is a lot of planning out before any cuts are made. Since there is no normal mounting place for a 240mm rad I made one on the floor of the case.

I also received a Corsair single braided cables in black. I got to say that I was looking forward to getting these in but now that they are here I am really disappointed that the cables look like cheap plastic.

The braid on the wires is very cheap looking and I can see through the braid up close.

So when I got the second rad I tried some ideas I had for mounting it. One idea was to mount it on its side on an angle. This method would help blow air to the back of the case. But it was going to be a nightmare to connect the tubing to the first block.

So I settled for mounting it flat to the bottom of the case.

As you can see there was some filing to be done to the cuts that was made.

Filed it down with two files, then sanded with 80 grit, 150 grit, and 800 grit.

Mounting the beast.

Here is a shot of the lines that will need to be connected. I am thinking 30 degrees would do the job. or maybe a dual rotary 60.

As you can see here I have a line that will go the CPU from the first rad.

Its going to be tight in this case. Just over 5.5cm for the motherboard, mounting and water blocks.
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