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Default Front I/O

To make this mod possible I had purchased a lian li case on boxing day. I was going to use the pc mounting hardware to mount my PC parts to the Mac. There was only two things I found on the Mac Pro that would work on a pc. The hard drive mounting the optical drive mounting. Everything else was Apple wierd.

I cut the front i/o from the lian li case. Then I filed the metal round. I then J&b welded the plexi to to front i/o connectors. I drilled the two pieces and tapped them. Later I went back to cut the extra plexi off the front i/o and rounded the corners.

To mount the PSU, I used the Lian Li PSU bracket. I had to mount the psu vertically because I had planned to have a small rubber piece under it. To absorb some of the vibrations from the fan.

The hardest part so far was taking apart this case. Apple had put close to 50 T8 screws to mount the main area to the sleeve. The two piece were well made and housed many mounting points. This case gave me a good idea why Apple computers are so expensive. There was so much cnc and milling work that went into this computer.

Now you are all caught up. I have another update I am about to post.
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