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Default Umbra Aqua - Mac Pro Mod - wires and painting 1.25.2014

- Front I/O - PSU mounting
- Second Rad mounting
- Road trip to
- Rad mounting re-enforcing
- Front Panel Part 1
- Front Panel Part 2
- Custom Fan shroud video
- Custom Mac Pro Convertion kit sponsored by The Laser Hive w/video
- G1 Sniper, 4770K, Kingston HyperX Beast explained
- Bending acrylic for top rad shroud
- Mounting Rear I/O, rear Fan and finishing Rad Shroud

Brief History

Umbra Aqua is a Mac Pro mod. When the Apple PowerMac G5 first came out I was inspired by the case. It was so clean the lines were beautiful and the thermal zones were a perfect idea. It was the first mod I had ever attempted. I had placed my PSU at the front and my hard drives were the psu was located at the back. I ordered modders mesh from MNPCTECH and also also painted my case. It was a crude attempt to make my PC look like a G5.

As you can see that was my first mod. It was crud, but I tried to pack as much innovative ideas into the case. I was happy with the ideas but my modding skills needed help.

Umbra Aqua

That was about 7 years ago. Lets got to the future. My sister in law was throwing out her mac. When I saw it was a Mac Pro I just knew what had to be done. I did some research and it look like there were many people who had done G5 mods but not many Mac Pro mods. There was even a small group of people who only do apple mods. From what I gathered at the time, the apple mods were going to be a little tricky but for sure could be done. Little did I know that most of my time was going to be spent thinking designing and planning out my mod.

Umbra Aqua objective is clear. To create a chassis that future hardware would be cooled. Not only to meet the cooling needs of today's computers but the future. As computers get smaller and smaller we are going to be able to cool more of the chips and voltage regulators. Umbra Aqua needed to be a water cooling, to meet the objective of the project the case will be sporting 3x 240mm rads. Fitting 3x 240 mm rads was quite the mission, but also what was hard was the fact it will also be sporting a D5 pump. I have scraped the apple front i/o and created my own from a lian li case.

After 5 hours the case was striped.

Side case window.

PSU and back I/O cut out.

Cut out for CPU mounting. Drilled and tapped.

This was a mounting system made for the first rad.

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