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In a word, no. Standard watercooling fittings seal via an o-ring, so thread tape is not necessary. However, if you really want to use it as a precaution in case of an o-ring failure then by all means, go ahead. I've seen many build logs where guys use it with no issues. Just use very few TIGHT wraps so that your fittings can still fully seat the o-ring against the block/reservoir/whatever and no tape gets between the o-ring and mating surface. Also, maybe it's obvious and doesn't need to be said, don't leave a "tail" hanging off the fitting and get bits of tape floating around your loop.

I've been watercooling for a very long time and have never used thread tape and the only leak I've ever had was from an acrylic reservoir that cracked. I personally feel that the risk of getting tape caught under the o-ring or using excessive tape so that the o-ring doesn't seat is greater than the risk of a stationary o-ring failing.

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