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Default Lucid MVP for Dual-Graphic Mode

Originally Posted by MARSTG View Post
FKD, your situation shouldn't need the use of this software as you already combine two videochips the right way. But what is the version of software that you used?
Lucid's MVP returns an error message if I try to use it when I've crossfired my two HD6670's. I can only use it when I'm running in "dual graphics" mode with the APU & one HD6670 - which based on the graphic which displays when enabling Lucid is how the program is intended to be used to optimize this use of the APU & GPU together. NOW I don't know if it works better if the iGPU and the dGPU are not crossfired in a dual-graphic mode.

Not sure if you can make it out but it shows an image of the APU with the label "iGPU" and a graphics card with the term "dGPU"

I've upgraded it and it shows "core" When I click "check for updates" it returns a statement saying I'm running the most up to date version.

I have not loaded all my games since I re-installed Windows so only have Dirt3 loaded to test. I also have loaded X-Plane but that game does not take advantage of crossfire/dual graphics at all so doubt it would help. Will double check though and post if it makes a difference.

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