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My System Specs

Default USB/Optical DAC or Soundcard?

Now that I have nice speakers (A5+ and AS8) I want to feed them a proper signal that improves upon what comes out of the integrated chip on the Crosshair V. This is mainly for Hifi experience and I won't be needing more than left/right and possibly sub outputs
So far I have been looking at the Audioengine DAC and various sound cards from Asus and Auzentech.

Does anyone have experience of one over the other and possibly some advice on what chip and output options provide the most accurate sound stage?

Currently I am going from onboard front/right out to the A5+, and from there per rca out to the AS8.
It would be the same schematic when using a DAC but a sound card will have a sub out.

My goal is clarity, accuracy instead of enhancement of certain frequency ranges (I am listening to a lot of different types of music) and I suppose that fewer elements within the signal path are an advantage.

Does this leave me with a DAC as the best option to circumvent the possibly influence that drivers and settings within windows can have on sound quality?

A lot of questions, I know...

BTW, my budget is 200 CAD.
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