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My System Specs



You are going to be bottlenecked by your 4 gig of memory running modern game and windows 7.

I am not running any serious applications right now and i'm @ 4.37 / 8 gig usage.

For example, my good friend upgraded to 8 gig from 4 and now he can play bf3.

We're not talking about just an average fps increase, when your memory bottlenecks you, you make a VM file so your HDD becomes your memory, and it's slower by an order of magnitude (or 2, i dont' wanna do the calc!).

The memory bottlenecks both your gpu and your cpu here's how:

Windows detects low memory -> makes paging file
CPU now uses your hard drive like it's just uber slow memory from 1990
GPU is like "COMON CPU GIVE ME INSTRUCTIONS! I'M WAITING HERE!" and you'll get stall outs. That is you'll have 0 fps periodically for some games (you'll see it as a stutter).

Just doit. 50 bucks for more memory.
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