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Originally Posted by 3.0charlie View Post
I'm using the latest 13.3 beta drivers and use a 7950 for folding (oc'ed to 1100Mhz), and I never saw it fold more than 33k ppd. Now to read that a 7870 can do 40k is rather interesting.
in 10e`s post, there is a google docs sheet link. In that link among the cards there is a single 7870 listed if I remember correctly the guy was using CAt 13.1 Beta 7 and he was getting 43k PPD something. Can`t check as I am at work now but it seemed to me a bit small the difference from 7970 to 7870 given the difference in shaders (1280 compared to 2048) so it is very possible there is an error in the sheet. 3.0charlie maybe you could simulate a 7870 by reducing the core frquency see what happens or maybe we can get results from a 7870 owner?
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