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Default How do you manage other's hardware?

I replaced my Galaxy S2 i9100 to Galaxy S2 LTE and gave away my S2 i9100 to my mom since she lost her 30 dollar flip phone.

I'm a little bit concerned about her using the phone since she's not technically saavy or knowledgeable.

I installed CM9 or 10 (I can't recall but eventually will replace it with CM10.1) and would like to restrict certain access in order for her to avoid downloading malicious codes or programs that could potentially be used to withdraw her data. (Considering moving her back to Sammy's TouchWiz)

Is there any way to do 'parental restriction' on the phone such as Settings and Play market so that I can prevent my mom from misusing the phone? or some guide to help me achieve what I want to do?
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