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Default Prof. Dr. Silver is now folding too!

Hey Guys!

While not having much time atm to work on my computer...I figured lets do some Folding, since the computer was looking kinda sad, with nothing to do.

I build a Pentium D 930 (3.0GHz) with a X1900XTX just for folding, only to find out that they've discontinued the X1000 series! Thankfully I still had an 8600 GT lying around, which is now crunching some serious numbers

Here's the P D 930 3.0GHz Rig:

And here's the C2D 3.0GHz rig:

Please tell me if those results look okay.....I'm a newbie when it comes to never looked into it much! But now with CPU/GPU x2 combo's running, I'm making up for it!


Prof. Dr. Silver
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