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My System Specs


My go to AIB partners are MSI, ASUS and to a lesser extent EVGA. IMHO if the need to RMA arises Canadians will be best served by ASUS or MSI seeing as both have RMA facilities in Canada. For EVGA you have to ship to California but they have great support.

Another video card to consider is the 7850. ATM they are bundled with some tripple A titles and that may or may not interest you. FWIW a 7850 is a bit better than a 650Ti Boost.

As far as the SSD idea I understand your concern. I must say though that once I started using SSDs there was NO going back! IMHO what is the point of investing in a many hundred or thousand dollar computer only to chop it off at the knees by limiting the speed of the random i/o performance of the storage device? No one is buying SSD for mass storage so for me the $/GB ratio cannot be compared to HDDs in the same way... That all said I am not here to convince you to get an SSD but I did want to share my point of view.
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