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Originally Posted by SHaCK View Post
Hi guys, i'll be putting everything together soonly and i've got a few questions before getting started.

What clamps do you use/prefer ? I'm planning to use worm-drive clamps instead of the plastic ones.(Looks more solid) Comments ?

Are any of you using teflon tape to seal the threads ? I've heard good things about using it to prevent eventual leaks. Comments ?

I've ordered the Hydrx additive from swiftech, was it a good choice ? Is it sticky ? Will it stain the tubes ? I definitely want the liquid to be UV reactive and I thought it was the best option as it also acts as a an anti-algae formula and such.

Thanks in advance!

Here's the setup, i'll upload pics once i receive everything.

Block : Swiftech - Storm rev1
Pump : Swiftech - MCP-655
Rad : Dual-120 Weapon Heatercore w/ shrouds

T-line, DD Fillport and tygon 1/2" ID Tubing, pretty simply eh?

Ah looks like editing the title doesn't work, "WC Build" will be ok. Thanks!

Never, Never use plastic clamps. I once had plastic clamps nearly kill my system. I had so much pressure buildup from my Mag7 that it actually leaked out from around the barb, and slowly emptied my t-line to where it got enough bubbles to lose pressure. When it lost enough pressure, it would stop leaking. Just about the best kind of leak to have, but still not good.

Always use worm-drive clamps.
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