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I might be reading the OP's original question wrong...but I think he is asking for the top 3 'big' drives so his buddy does not go the RAID route. IMHO two consumer grade drives in RAID not worth it. Its really not until you hit 4 or more that it is 'worth it' IMHO.

Any of those 4 drives by themselves will kick major ass. Two in RAID...the increased load time from the overhead will negate some of the improvement...and honestly if a program takes 1.5 vs 2 seconds to load...will he even notice?

Tell your buddy to either go BIG or go home. Get one LARGE SSD. If he thinks that its not fast enough...rofl. Ask him where the speed is lacking. Most likely it will be game load times. Tell him to make a RAMDRIVE out of some of that 64GB of RAM...OR go full hog and get a PCI-E SSD as his 'd' drive / game drive. IMHO the sickest combo is a single large SSD for the C drive....and a PCIE for games. It is what I do. ;)

IF he is deadset on RAID 0....Sammy 840 PRO, Plextor M3 PRo or M5 Pro, Crucial M4...or the epeen bragging right option: Intel DC S3700 800GB. The Intel has insane amount of OP (200GB) and even when dirty is a beast. TWO of those nutters is...well insane. Trust me on this is what I use as my 'App' drive (with an Intel 910 800GB PCIE SSD for the 'd' game drive).
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