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The biostar bios is much more complicated than the blue screen bios I am used to from my Z68 board. That board was very simple to OC. This one is over my head. The settings seem like there is much more tweaking that can be done on this board over my other board.
So far I have it nice and stable at 4.5ghz at 1.3v. LLC is disabled but my temps are high in Prime otherwise fine in gaming. My other board at 4.7ghz at 1.37v maxed out around 75'c in prime. This one is hitting 80'c at 4.5 at 1.3v. Same cooler. On my other board lowering the pll value helped a lot with the temps but I can't find that setting in my biostar bios. Is there a different term for the value in z77 boards?
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