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Default Does CL Rating Matter Anymore?

I'm looking to swap out the RAM in my rig as it's the only thing that doesn't match a color scheme. (I know that's a retarded reason, but I know I'm not the only one that would do this...) I started looking through 'black' RAM options for a good buy, and it occured to my that the extreme speeds of RAM these days seems to have reduced the requirement for lower CL. A good case in point is the 1800MHz CL11 RAM that G.Skill has pasted in flash banners all over HWC right now.

So at the end of the day, I'm curious if CL rating makes any real world difference past 1600MHz? Especially since the jump from CL10 or 9 down to CL7 is absolutely crazy in price in most cases. I understand the concept, but I really don't know how the math works for MHz vs. CL to find out what the difference is. I know that it won't matter in gaming, but I'm also interested in day to day functions, as well as photo work.
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