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Your last post is way beyond me, I have no idea on any of that.

However, back to your first question abut Lucid. I did use it, I say 'did" because I decided to test it to see if it really makes a difference - and yes it does, but at least not a good one. This was a real world test running Dirt3 on my AMD A10 APU system using a HD6670 in dual graphics mode with the APU, this is what the version of Lucid I'm using was designed for (I'm using Virtu MVP). The effect of using it was to drop my FPS from an acceptable 39 down to a barely playable 21 - 'virtually' cutting my performance in half. I did the test twice and the results were the same. I used the internal benchmark feature of Dirt3 which runs a full race and produces a report. So much for the benefits of Lucid. And Dirt3 is one of the games on the list in Lucid where I should expect a performance boost.

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