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They do sound really loud.... but the mic is right beside them, its really hard to judge on a youtube video... I can turn the sound up or down on my computer and it would change...

According to this:,1964-16.html

The HD 4870's are quieter in the same setup... but,1964-15.html

your trading a little less noise for more power

Gtx 260: idle: 119, while gaming: 270
HD 4870: idle: 153 while gaming: 283

So your paying more for the 4870 in the long run.

What does this mean? Again, we see that there are small differences between the two cards, no real reason to choose one or the other... and fanboys of the HD 4870 haven't been very convincing... It was a much better deal when the GTX 260's were more expensive... But now it seems to be which company you prefer... and which would work best with your other components.
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