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Originally Posted by lowfat View Post
Have you looked in to FreeNAS at all? Setup is rather easy. XFS + RAIDZ is in my opinion a better solution than RAID5/6.
No I haven't. Know nothing of them either. I am completely stumped on whether to go with a Win 8, Windows Server Essentials 2012 or a NAS as a file server.

What is XFS + RAIDZ?

My "must have's" for the file server would be:
  1. The ablity to team my LANs to have a min of ~2Gps transfer speeds.
  2. Dropbox like functionality. Want to be able to have a folder or mapped drive of sorts so that everything on the file server appears and acts like its on my local drive regardless if I am at work or home.
  3. Scalability. Either USB3.0 or eSata or whatever, just don't want to fill the server in a few years and then realize I have to buy an entire new setup to add addtional space.
  4. RAID for increased read/write performance.
  5. With both Macs and PC's
  6. Access stored data by my iPhone or iPad.
  7. Be able to back up the file server to CrashPlan.
The "would love to have's":
  1. 10GbE connection now or the ability to "upgrade" it later. (Having CAT6A run in my walls)
  2. Expandable RAM
  3. mSATA SSD Cache

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