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My System Specs


My system has an Asus P8B75M LE and the Core i3 3225 CPU on Win 7 Ultimate x64. Installing a Geforce GT 430 in the first 16x slot and rebooting with the display assigned to the integrated GPU is destroying the display : windows reverts to 640x480 resolution and 8 colours. An additional message says cannot initialize DirecX 9.0 and something like wrong GPU configuration. In the BIOS I set the multidisplay to on as it is explicitly explained. Booting directly from the GT430 installed in first 16x slot goes smoothly resolution and colours are kept intact. As game, I am gaming on NFSHP2010 at 1280x720, anf with latest VGA drivers from Intel website, (Asus drivers are not up to date), Performance preset in Intel's control panel for 3D and boosting the GPU to 1150MHz from 1050MHz I managed to bring the gaming from low 30s to high 40s FPS which acceptable for me. Gaming on the GT430 at the same details and resolution with 301 drivers keeps the game all the time at 60FPS, this is why I would prefer to use Virtu. Installing the GT430 in the second PCIE x16 on the board is uneventful and I can game on the integrated GPU and fold on the GT430 with no lag in the game whatsoever. Folding wise I get 15k PPD with the i3 the GT430 and a GT520 on regular PCI port. Should I write Asus for some support?
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