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My System Specs


^^^ Yep you got it..."note to self"...sometimes drinking beers while OC'ing yor CPU and running benches makes you feel invincible!!!! What?......only 90c running Prime, ah I still got headroom!!

Thats why didnt go with SLi Titans, leaves me around $1200 to consider a new platform, although at this point I mat just do a "rebuild" of Procyon:
1. swap out that TRUE push / pull behemoth for a 100i, although I may nee to "dremel" my TJ09.
2. swap out the 6 x 2GB Corsair Doms for 3 x 4GB sticks (may allow for easier OC'ing my 980X)
3. already have the 680 Classy's to swap my 580 Classy's for
4. all new cable wiring / routing etc etc
5. Time for a clean install of W7, I'm embarassed to say the last time I did a clean install was 3 - 4 yrs ago...ouch!! My Boot SSD is almost full!!

I really enjoy simply ripping the thing apart and re-building.....o and the Benchmarks initially are to make sure my OC's are both stable and efficient, then it just turns into fun ;)


Firestrike Extreme: 21.452
MARK 11: 32.530

Introducing me n my OCD to Watercooling, is like taking an Alcoholic to an "all you can drink" Beach Bar in Mexico

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