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Originally Posted by rjbarker View Post
^^^^ I've never experience "micro-stutter" in any of my multi GPU solutions....sorry guys. Just wicked killer gameplay, if your experiencing serious micro stutter in your multi card (nv) solution, check your other Hardware, something isnt right ;)....or try a clean install of latest Drivers.
Also, I havent come across a single game that I havent been able to run in SLi, if a Driver isnt available for a new title, you can always jump the gun and create a SLi Profile, although with nv the new SLi capable Driver will usually be released vry very soon if not the same day as a game release.....still a lot of "myths" with SLi I see....just sayin.
Great job woth the Review above :)

RJ we are in the same boat this time, Only once have I seen Microstutter and it was with a Crossfire setup and only with one game, Starwars MMO that crapy new one haha. But other than that I have found SLI and Crossfire to be damn nice these days, Also and I have tested this on a few games in Crossfire your load times go way way down between levels or areas in games. I will try to find time to do a write up about this when I get a chance :)
Good Bye HWC it was great :)
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