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My System Specs


They're not rejects from Apple, they are LG binned panels at A- versus A that Apple gets. So you might get a lower quality batch but still get good panels out of them. Due to the binning they will be cheaper though.

Also Apple does not use 30" panels any more, as 27" is their largest size.

I'd say these look pretty good, Perineum. My only concern due to my display OCD would be how it handles a wide color gamut panel which, if not "toned down" to sRGB, would give over saturated super colored images unless a color managed program is in use (think Photoshop or the Windows Picture viewer heh).

Edit: Upon further reading, it looks as if the $700/$698.00 DVI-D dual-link version is an LED panel, while the multi-input version is an LCD panel. If, by chance, the 30" DVI-only version was a standard sRGB panel, then it would probably be a kick-@$$ gaming screen and have low power usage.

Unfortunately, some specs are generalized between the two models where the multi-input and single-input versions both use up to 95W of power, so who knows. I'd probably e-mail them.

Seems like they could be intriguing though, as they are half price of the normal 30" models around here from major first-tier vendors.

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