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My System Specs


Suround is usually a mix of the left and right then feed with a delay of ms into those channels.

Speakers years ago were just one speaker marketing started the stereo to sell 2 speakers and the way it all went. Now more speakers can produce a better sound field in a bigger space. Is why you see so many speakers in a theater along the wall. Done properly the waves need too stop and not keep bouncing all over the place, sound absorbing panels they use also the make the room deader. People can only here in analogue. Digital saves space in recording because it masks other sounds and therefor the other sounds aren't needed so the debate goes. Albums are still around today for a reason because the whole track was still recording and the missing ie: digital sound seemed to take to much out and lost some of the musics ambiance. People have been arguaring over this for years now. Still on going. Now you have FLAC in digital which is true to a copy in digital form so no loss. Then this sound needs to be converted back to analogue for use to here DAC's ... Then amped to freak the neighbors out.... Or the wife not stab ya in your sleep.. Hense headphones... lol

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