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My System Specs


I have MFM and SCSI, but the Seagate ST-251 of my 286 was pulled in favour of the only CF card I could find that would work reliably with it. A 32MB SanDisk card(old, but not that old).. and as for SCSI, well, I do not really use my Mac Plus and it's Seagate ST-125N much so I am not sure if it counts as in service. No HDD in my IBM 5150, most other things I like to either use a newer drive or a CF card. Have not touched my PowerBook 145, 150, 160 with their 2.5" SCSI drives in forever, so those get to be excluded. And it looks like the capacitors in the displays are leaking so they do not work very well anyway. I did have a 20GB Maxtor in my ethernet tap box, but that machine is no longer being used.

I do have other drives stowed around here and there but they are certainly not in service. So that 32MB CF card in my 286(all other CF cards in use are modern) or the 80GB Seagate ST380021A in my PowerMac G3 (aka Beige G3, not the Blue&White model) in AT case that I use for Mac OS 9 stuff.
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