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My System Specs

Smile Video Cards

Yeah I used to get the build itch. Now I like to bench.

Tinkering to get a bit more speed different ways is something I like to try though it does occasionally backfire

Fresh install 1,342 and counting,

The 20th will probably c a small spike in power consumption then.

I seriously considered getting those 2 lovely 680s that OmegaRED owns 2 c how they would hold up but decided to do a fresh install for the new card.

Windows 8 Pro here we go! I really like 7 but a cpl OS discs came up fraudulent recently WTF??? 1 left to try. If not there's another $200 4 the upgrade disc. Nahhh, stick with 8 and buy some

beers, Even better, get a bottle of Crown Royal XR (Extra Rare). $180 a 26er. Oh sorry $179.95, hehe.

Note to self keep winning those booze battles, hyuk.

Not a drinker but I have a Wisdom that is about 30yrs behind schedule so I'm gonna sip some of that $7 an ounce whiskey.(6.92 2 b exact) Might not help but it can't hoyt!

I don't drink much bcuz of my pain meds so this will last 6 mos. By then the toonies will b saved enough 4 another. Percs and whiskey. now that's a healthy lifestyle.

What an awesome rig RJ. Hey ,you got my SSD, my psu,....hehe.

Love that Corsair psu. Mine runs so quiet and stays cool even with 3 580s and not a blip of heat.

Look away b4 the build itch grabs hold again,... OH NO, too late.

Nurse, I need an injection of thermal paste STAT.

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