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My System Specs


Originally Posted by nasrott View Post
will sell my tiamats cheap hardly used, have the sen pc360, pc350, hd555, audio technica ad700, ath m50's, logetech g35 a couple sets and the asus vulcans. For gaming and ts3 use the pc360, anything surround I find is shit either on the mic or the sound details ie location. Sound end have the asus pheobus 7.1 sound card, creative thx external, and now for tunes use the fiio oe7/eo9 desktop amp for the m50's lately. Now some of the guys in my clan prefer the g930's they swear by them, me haven't tried them myself. Siberia have had a few and also there more expensive headsets. Razor again have had lots over the years either smashed them (they did have 5 little speakers in each headphones) or they set in the corner idea. Sennheiser I seem too always go back too.
PM me with a price for those Tiamat's. :D
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