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Originally Posted by LegendMask View Post
I got the xspc razor ver2, and using it on 680 4gb with backplate. I emailed xs-pc few days ago. And they told me I only have to change different screws size. 8mm instead of 6mm because of the backplate.
yes for mounting back cover longer screws but they have nothing to do with gpu mounting

its from the thread boss of WB where it meets PCB is what were'er talking about

sounds to me RMA for WB its not calculated proper for thermal pads

get a flash light , with no pads or paste on card/block rest the thread bosses on PCB and shine

light on ram , gpu if there is space between thread bosses means you got lots of load

pressure on card

what i'm saying is the ram pads can vari the clearance on gpu area

and the thread bossed play another part
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