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Should add about the front fan, it is loud. Drawing air through the grill directly in front of it and pushing through the hard drive cage directly behind (1 or 2 depending) creates a lot of excess air noise, so much so that I've unplugged it. I'm going to relocated my 3.5 and ssd into the 5.25 bays so I can remove the hard drive cage all together to see if that helps, otherwise I'll be modding two 120mm's instead of the big 200 up front.

My point being, save your money on the 200's for now to see if you really want to run the fan at all. Those CM fans are about 10 db's quieter, but I'm fairly certain the excess noise is simply from all the obstacles. I'm running two 660ti's without the front fan and my GPU temps are pretty steady already, with a single 670 you'll prob be fine.
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