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My System Specs


I use the Lucid program that came with my ASUS motherboard. It is supposed to optimize performance, something to do with your APU & GPU. I have an AMD 10 APU & HD6670. It seems to work, no complaints. I did try an experiment a while back to see if it made much of a difference. I can't recall the details but it was enough for me to decide to leave it enabled when in Dual-Graphics mode. It does not work when I cross-fired two HD6670's. I'm not home for the weekend but I'll run a test with a benchmark and post a reply showing the difference with Lucid enabled, and disabled. Installation is a bit of a bother, in order to get the benefit of the OEM version install it from the motherboard disk - this gets you a registration number - then update - this will delete the installation you just installed, but keep the user files (registration number) and install the update. Be careful to read the information on the update page at Lucid. There is a separate page if you for updating bundled versions. I guess those of us who got the program bundled (as I did with my mboard) are special and don't qualify for the latest and greatest version which they want you to buy. I didn't so can't comment on that version.

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