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Default Coffee spilt on power adapter

Hello all,

My sister had spilt a small amount of coffee on her power adapter while it was plugged into her laptop. She immediately unplugged it from the laptop, and the adapter looks sealed enough to not let anything in, but alas it will not even show a post screen. Even plugging its VGA port into an external monitor shows nothing, so I think the motherboard is kaput. Even worse, when I took out her HDD to grab the data off, there is a silent yet distinct click of death coming from it (I never know coffee could cause such an issue). Would it be worthwhile to try get a new motherboard and install it in the laptop? Money is not abundant for her right now and she really liked her old laptop, so if I could get it running again for her for cheap I would no hesitate to do that. I don't have experience swapping out a MB from a laptop, but am not afraid of taking a shot at it at all. The HDD will obviously have to be replaced, too. The laptop is a Toshiba Satellite L645D - S4056. I see a MB on ebay, but is a S4040. Would that be close enough to work in her laptop? Is the power adapter messed to the point that it will likely fry the new MB as well? Thanks in advance for your advice :)
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