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My System Specs


The way the article is written really bothers me. Talking up how some company was in 1998 the pioneer for computers with multiple cores and crap. And that nobody else even thought of creating a computer with multiple cores/CPUs. >_< *facepalm* multiple cores may not have been common in everyone's PC, but systems that had them have been available for AGES. The biggest concern in the past has always been cost, computers are really only getting impressively cheap relatively recently.

"high performance gateway box" that runs a full access browser and TV service with apps.
So basically, replace your current PC with some proprietary crap that you likely have no real control over.
*Apple buying these guys in 3.. 2...* :P
But really, unless something changes this is not sounding like F@H where you use it on an existing computer. Unless they are just giving you computers for the early testing but will roll it out for the rest of your PCs later.
And I mean, all of the usual security/etc issues that apply to other locked devices would apply here too. but most people use devices like that so it is not a big change.

My concern here is that not every ISP(like the big ones in Canada) are going to offer anything real, so you will still get stuck with a big bandwidth bill at the end of the month. Or a big power bill. And unreliable or slow internet connections or overheating dust-clogged hardware will cause problems.

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