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Originally Posted by IRQ Conflict View Post
Just a guess, but I think you may need to top it up. Not enough water in it? Also, why not test it away from your components before assembling it? It would be a shame to get your motherboard wet.
its filled to the top, when I turn it off, the water level goes up touching the fill port cover, if its closed.

the components are not working, plus the leak test went well thank god, around 18 hours and no leak so far.

Originally Posted by Bloodystumps View Post
I'm going to say you found air trapped in the system and when you tilted it it locked up, you could try adjusting the speed on the pump while tilting it to help push the air out..
done that, been switching speeds for 6 hours last night, tilted the case upside down multiple times, shook it real hard.

PS: the flow only stops when I have my D5 on speed (1) on other speeds it just slows down but doesnt stop. This might be not a big issue and could be solved by pumping up the speed, but the question here; is it normal for the flow to stop or slow down, when I tilt the case?
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