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My System Specs

Default Anyone ran a Supermicro H8QGI-F?

Hey everyone,

I picked up a Supermicro 2042G-TRF chassis that has a H8QGI-F motherboard with 4 Opteron 6128 CPUs a month ago. Needed RAM so I picked up 8 packs of 2GBx2 Kingston HyperX Genesis PnP 1600MHz memory. Put the memory in and no problems, motherboard detects 32GB of RAM.

Goal with this system is just to run FAH.

Problem I am having is what OS to run? I'm a bit of a Linux noob but tried the latest Ubuntu desktop but runs terrible with the built-in graphics, just hard to do anything. Tried the server edition with GUI installed same thing. I see that it has a PCI-E slot so I go out and get a low profile GT 210 video card. I changed the JPG1 jumper on the motherboard to disable the on-board video so now it won't go past the bios screen to boot up a OS. Even getting into the bios is hit or miss.

I installed Windows 7 on it using the built-in graphics and it actually works decent enough to get around and do things. Folding with CPUs in windows 7 isn't the greatest I read.

So any advise what to do with this thing to get FAH going good? Am I missing something?


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