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My System Specs


Heh between those two commands I hardly ever open my CSM unless I am loading up a game.
In fact I basically only use it for shortcuts to my games. Everything else is fine.

I understand that the initial uptake on W8 was bad(I was a part of the negative nancies), but giving it a try and forcing myself to get past the "ugh too different, I give up!" gag reflex has made me see that things aren't really THAT different.

eg: Stability is vastly improved. My HTPC running XBMC went from needing a restart about once a week to keep things "snappy" to and uptime over over 120 days now.

Gaming is really no different than it was before. I can't say that things are any better or worse, but just the same.

People don't like change. You don't HAVE to upgrade either, you're not missing much over W7.
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