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Yes. I Agree, MS needs to stop trying for the 'one UI to rule them all' method. A simple question during install with options would have made a lot of sense. IE "do you want to use the modern, aero or classic UI". Then peeps running touchscreens would have gotten their UI, peeps wanting 2K look would be happy and business who want their computers to 'just work' for their employees would all be happy. Hell peeps like the OP would be happy and programmers and app designers would be happy as they could CHOOSE which UI they want to use!

The problem is the desktop PC is not homogenous like MS thinks it is (based off of flawed polling data most people with a brain turn OFF). It is made of two distinct groups of customer: those who see it as tool and those who see it as media appliance. Window 8 is solely for media appliance users. Workers aint touchin it as its less efficient and has a kludge work flow (only ones who kinda sorta like it in any large numbers are ironically enough MAC users). Business aint going to touch it as retaining will be a nightmare. Going 'oh they wouldnt upgrade to it anyway' is scary thinking. MS cant afford another XP....where their bread and butter sales opt out for a decade. If MS doesnt put the 's' back in Windows wont touch it either. If things continue the way they are...we may actually see nix and even apple making inroads (prolly aroind window 10 mark). After all IF you have to retrain your work force AND rewrite programs to use the 'modern' UI way of doing things...why not just upgrade to a different OS platform. One seen as being 'more secure' and easier to 'lock down'. Now THAT thought has to be making a lot of brown stains over in Redmond. Only possible good thing to come out of all that would be Ballmer would be toast..must like the master 'designer' for Window 8 was sacked over the abortion he created.

Home users (aka appliance users) hate it because the new UI is not intuitive on a desktop. Just like a desktop UI sucked on a smart phone. Having people NEED to look up how to turn the bloody thing off is just insane. Undoing decades of training to NEVER TOUCH THE POWER BUTTON is not a solution. MS could bull through and ram it down our throats if the economy way booming. BUT, with the economy in the tank less people have room in their budgets for toys and less room for risks.

Tech enthusiasts who consider it both a toy and tool are pissed off because it DOES have some nice new additions but the UI kills it. The fact that a significant portion of people not wanting Windows 8 in its current form- as seen by the rapid growth of alternatives such as start8, etc - is not a good thing. Most of these people are the media appliance users and they are the ones MS is at risk of losing to Apple - who actually understand UI and know how to properly poll and beta test for it. Honestly I doubt we will see a change for the better until Windows 10 comes out. MS are stubborn and wont change course until they HAVE to.
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