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One thing to consider about Windows 8 adoption is that PC sales have stagnated since at least 2010, so it's not necessarily an indictment of Windows 8. Consumers are spending their dollars on "post-PC" devices. Of course, it is clearly an indictment of Microsoft's post-pc strategy.

The truth is that the general purpose personal computer was never ideal for the mainstream anyway, especially from a maintenance perspective. It was a scornful marriage of necessity, not love; unlike many of us. Most people don't need most of what our workstations are capable of. Really, we've all been using developer machines for the past 20+ years.

Personally, I think enthusiasts are being whiners. The problem with Vista were significant technical issues, which isn't the case in Windows 8. Who cares if you have to customize the OS? That's half the fun of PCs as a hobby. Besides, Windows 7 will remain viable for years.

I'm not saying you should like it. Just deal with it. The emotion drenched lamentations and rage I see on enthusiast forums make me retch. We're supposed to be made of sterner stuff. Changing a single UI element isn't a big deal.

Personally, I haven't liked the direction of Windows since 2000. Even though 7 was a pleasant surprise, it's still a bloated, convoluted mess. Really, what Windows needs is to stop trying to be all things for all people. How many hundreds of millions of people have been chatting and browsing on a home computer with enterprise workstation features they will never need for the past 10+ years? No wonder they're sick of PCs and buying tablets instead.
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