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You guys are arguing 2 different but related things. How the companies price their products and consumer's willingness to pay said price.

Part of pricing a product is figuring out what the market is willing to pay and what sort of volume you can sell at specific price points. If a company creates a premium product and wants to keep it relatively exclusive, they'll make it with lots of features and tight QC. They will also price it so that they can sell a projected volume.

On the consumer side, the concept of bang for buck is different for individuals. For example, OP likes the cabling to look good and spends a little extra time and money to ensure that it is so in his system. Another person might feel that it's a waste of time and money even if the expenditures were only $20 and 15 minutes.

In other words, the OP may feel that a high end case @ $600 is poor value, but to someone else that wants the specific set of features / build quality / looks the $600 case may be good value.

While we can discuss whether or not the pricing of a product is justified, it isn't really possible to argue value for money of a product to each individual.
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