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Originally Posted by JJThomp View Post
You aren't really understanding though which is why I think he is starting to get this way. The thing is all these premium features are nice but the fact is rubber grommets in your motherboard cut-outs don't cost $50 and yet that is how much they charge you for them. When you buy an expensive "enthusiast" case the company margins increase exponentially with the price of the case. You pay a much higher premium on top of the actual value because it is an "enthusiast" product.

Kind of like Apple if you want to join the club, they are going to charge you 40% more than the actual value.
He HAS gotten an answer though, multiple times now fit & finish, materials, features have been mentioned yet he preferred to downplay those things with humor and sarcasm. It's substantially more expensive to create a consistent product within tighter tolerances in aluminum than it is stamped steel. It's the labor and design which increase the cost, not specifically the parts.

Yes of course there is cost associated simply by creating something as a "premium" product, but in this case...shit, in this instance the quality actually does reflect in the price.
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