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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
Simply put: they messed up. Desktop users don't want a tablet OS and tablet users don't want a desktop OS. With Windows 8, the screwed the pooch by trying to offer both.

Get ready for more of this crap to be crammed down our throats in the years to come.
I'm really hoping they come to their senses but with what I've seen of Windows Blue I am starting to lose any hope. Improvements to the tablet experience but none so far for the desktop which is where I live on my desktop and laptop 100% of the time so..... They've lost their way both on mobile and desktop and I think they are in need of some leadership changes at this point.

Its really sad that Microsoft has actually become counter productive to their OS with companies like Stardock having to replace features that the OS previously had

If they dont figure it out soon they will be leaving it wide open for someone to come and actually compete with them.

I'm not against Microsoft going into hardware or microsft making a version of windows that runs on tablets, I'm against them insulting the ones of us who still rely on thier software on the desktop and laptop.

and no I will not switch to Ubuntu.
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